In 1994, in July, on the occasion of the fashion shows, Pitti Immagine and the Municipality of Florence awarded Ottavio and Rosita Missoni the ‘Pitti Immagine Award’ with the following motivation: “Forty years ago Ottavio and Rosita began an original and creative research in knitwear: lines, color, fantasy, invention. A completely new style was born that brought inspiration and art into the everyday life of dressing and that the public would immediately learn to love. Unique among the major protagonists of great international fashion, the Missonis bring to life in knitwear the magic of colors, the physicality of materials, the innovative and refined technique of warps and wefts, the profound sense of their culture. Their work expresses an extraordinary tradition of high craftsmanship, a spirit which they proudly claim and which continues to harmoniously pervade their life and their activity. Pitti Immagine and Florence are honored to recognize Ottavio and Rosita Missoni with the award for an inimitable career”. For the occasion, Pitti Immagine is organizing the ‘Missonologia exhibition, a large thematic retrospective with more than 100 items on display from their archives, which will be held in the Ridotto del Teatro della Pergola The volume of the same name is published by Electa, a book destined to become a document of the history of Italian fashion and costume over the past forty years.

In October the ‘Missonologia’ exhibition is expanded and set up in the spaces of the Fine Arts Society Museum and Permanent Exhibition of Milan.

In 1995, in December the Japanese Nagoya Fashion Association stages a re-edition of ‘Missonologia’ at Nagoya City Museum.


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