The following publications are a selection of what is available for consultation on paper and digitally by contacting theMissoni Archive

2017 – Marc Chagall – Ottavio Missoni. Sogno e Colore di Luca Missoni.

La Compagnia della Stampa, 2017. Cm. 21 x 28. Pages: 202. Italian, English.

Catalog of the homonymous exhibition at the Convitto delle Arti in Noto (Sicily), 2017 which combines the life and works of Marc Chagall and Ottavio Missoni.


by Luciano Caramel, Luca Missoni, Emma Zanella. Rizzoli, 2015 e 2016. Cm 21,5 x 28,5. Italian, English.

Catalog of the homonymous exhibition at the MA*GA Museum of Contemporary Art in Gallarate (2015) and at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London (2016). Sensory journey among more than one hundred works by European artists, from the early twentieth century to the present day, with whom Ottavio and Rosita have confronted each other in their long cultural, creative and artistic journey.

2012 – Ottavio Missoni, il genio del colore

By Luca Missoni. Unione Italiana, 2012. Cm 24 x 30. Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian. Pages: 56.

Catalog of the homonymous 2012 traveling exhibition in various cities of Slovenia and Croatia which describes the figure of Ottavio Missoni in the various facets of his life (athlete, artist, stylist).

2012 – Storia di Aladino e della lampada incantata

24 original studies/drawings by Ottavio Missoni executed between the years 1970 and 2010 with colored pencils and markers on squared paper, presented in 2012 in Maribor (Slovenia), then elevated to the rank of European Capital of Culture, on the occasion of the Ottavio Missoni exhibition, The Genius of Color.

«Color is an integral part of my DNA. From Dalmatia and Ragusa I brought with me the blues, which smell of overseas, and the orange-reds of sunsets on the Adriatic; the warm yellows mottled with ocher and brown speak of rocks and sands, lapped, mixed and eroded by the waves. Blacks cannot be missing, who amalgamate. And then purple, my favorite color, in all its shades. If you look closely, it’s always there, even if it doesn’t appear at first sight».

2011 – Ottavio Missoni – Una vita sul filo di lana

by Ottavio Missoni and Paolo Scandaletti. Rizzoli, 2011. Cm 14 x 22,5. Italian. Pages: 163.

Ottavio Missoni’s autobiography written on the occasion of his 90th birthday: “In these pages Ottavio Missoni ironically retraces his adventure as an eternal boy who managed to cross the twentieth century without taking himself too seriously, dictating the rules of fashion while remaining for all “Tai” and above all, as he says, not to work too much”.

2009 – WorkShop Missoni Daring to be different

by Paola Noé. Gangemi editore, 2009. Cm 24 x 22. English. Pages: 96.

Catalog of the exhibition of the same name at The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art in London, which highlights the similarities between Missoni’s work and the Museum’s art collection.

2006 – Caleidoscopio Missoni

by Raffaella Sgubin. Musei Provinciali di Gorizia, 2006. Cm 22×28. Italian, English. Pages: 196.

Catalog of the homonymous exhibition, a tribute from the Provincial Museums of Gorizia to Ottavio Missoni and his links with the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia of which he has become an icon.

2004 – Missoni e Tiziano.  Colore e Luce dal Rinascimento Veneziano alla Moda del ‘900

by Massimiliano Capella. Grafo, 2004. Cm 23 x 27. Italian, English. Pages: 80.

Catalog of the homonymous exhibition at the Mazzucchelli Museums in Brescia which compares the work of Ottavio Missoni with that of Titian.

2002 – MISSONI. OPERE GRAFICHE 2002-2003.

La Spirale 2000 – L’Incisione Edizioni d’Arte, 2002-2003.  Cm 30 x 42. Italian, English. Pages: 45.

Image catalog of the 5 graphic works created by Ottavio Missoni in the years 2002-2003.

1996 – Missoni Opera

by Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini. The Seibu Department Stores, 1996. Cm  22 x 27. English, Japanese. Pages: 134.

Image catalog of the exhibition of the same name at the Sezon Museum in Tokyo.

1995 – Ottavio e Rosita Missoni Story

by Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini. Skira, 1995. cm 21,5 x 21,5. English, Italian. Pages: 88 Illustrations: in color.

Catalog of the homonymous retrospective exhibition at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Gallarate.

1994 – Missonologia

Il Mondo dei Missoni by Isa Tutino Vercelloni. Mondadori Electa, 1989. cm 24 x 32. Italian, English, German.  Pages: 160.

Catalog of the homonymous retrospective exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the brand at the Permanente in Milan, at the reduced Pergola in Florence, at the Società delle Belle Arti ed Mostra Permanente in Milan and at the City Museum of Nagoya.

1990 – AFRICA di Missoni per Italia ’90

by Anna Piaggi and Gianni Brera. Mondadori Electa, 1990. Cm 25 x 28. Italian, English, German. Pages: 72.

Catalog of the project in which the Missonis interpret the African continent by creating the costumes for the opening ceremony of the World Cup at the San Siro stadium in Milan.

1988 – L’emozione della Materia

by Vladimir Malekovic. Hefti Edizioni, Milano 1988.  Cm 21 x 22. Italian, English, Croatian. Pages: 72.

Catalog of the exhibition of the same name at the MUO in Zagreb curated by Snjezana Hefti Susovic

1981 – Brunetta. Il Vizio del Vestire.

Grafica Sipiel, 1981. Cm 18 x 25. Italian. Pages: 93.

Edition printed in a thousand copies for Tai and Rosita Missoni of the story in images of fashionable women made through the illustrations of the famous designer Brunetta.

1978 – Bizzarra in nero

1953-1983, 30 anni dei Missoni by Giulio Confalonieri. Ardengo, 1978. Cm 32×19, Italian, Pages: 60.

Volume created with real captions from Vogue, chosen by Giulio Confalonieri to comment on his b/w portraits of passing ladies. Dedicated by the Missonis to those who make fashion the most serious and concrete, the most ironic and disenchanted of human occupations.

1978 – MISSONI 25°

by  Luca Missoni. Arti Grafiche Milanesi, 1978. Cm 24 x 24. Italian. Pages: 38.

Catalog of the first retrospective exhibition at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan for 25 years of activity, curated by Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini.

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