24 original studies/drawings by Ottavio Missoni executed between the years 1970 and 2010 with colored pencils and markers on squared paper, presented in 2012 in Maribor (Slovenia), then elevated to the rank of European Capital of Culture, on the occasion of the Ottavio Missoni exhibition, The Genius of Color.

«Color is an integral part of my DNA. From Dalmatia and Ragusa I brought with me the blues, which smell of overseas, and the orange-reds of sunsets on the Adriatic; the warm yellows mottled with ocher and brown speak of rocks and sands, lapped, mixed and eroded by the waves. Blacks cannot be missing, who amalgamate. And then purple, my favorite color, in all its shades. If you look closely, it’s always there, even if it doesn’t appear at first sight».

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